12th episode : Sofie and her Cargo bike

Around the world 2014-2015 Podcast

12th episode: Sofie and her Cargo bike
We are in Copenhagen, Sofie lives in the floor under… She teached us a danish song!


These episodes are made with binaural process! This allows you to enjoy a three-dimensional audio space…
To benefit, you have to listen WITH HEADPHONES (otherwise the mix will seem very strange)!

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2 thoughts on “12th episode : Sofie and her Cargo bike

  1. Salut la petite bande! Cette dame a une bien jolie voix. Et Driss a fait d’énormes progrès. Maintenant on comprend tout ce que tu dis, mon petit Bonhomme. Beau mixage.
    A bientôt, Gros baisers.

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