Friends links


Travellers web-blogs we met on the road:

Mark, from UK, we met on the road to Hué in Vietnam, rides the world by bicycle:

Sanne and Michiel, from Holland, we met on the road in Vietnam, they left from Mongolia on lying bikes to spend 1 year in Asia:

Iwona and Krzysiek, from Poland, we met them in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, they are on the road by bicycles since April 2014:

David and Isabelle, from Switzerland, we met them in Battambang, Cambodia, they are cycling around the world for an unlimited time (they left in 2008):

Juli, from Germany, we met her at PHARE art school in Battambang… She’s cycling around the world performing circus:

Inès, from France: Inès is the daughter of Delphine and Franck. With her younger sister Kripa, Inès and her family travel around the world… We spent memorable moments with them in Laos:

Foster, from Poland, we met him on a road, he already crossed USA:

Alwart, from Holland, he hosted us for a night:

Christian and Daniela, from Austria, we met them at Marije’s house near Amsterdam:


Friends websites:

Mika, from Sweden, painter: and “Vardagsrevolutionen”, a movie about Mika et Jon:

Bernard Lagnel, sound operator… He helped me about technical conception of my binaural sound recordings:



Atelier Trotula : natural handmade soaps sold by bike!



Routard du temps : Travels by bike by Paulo and his family

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    1. Ca aurait été avec plaisir mais on ne devrait pas y être avant le 15 septembre…. si vous bougez avant, nous serons dans quelques jours sur l’île de Oland, puis le long de la côte Est pour remonter sur Stockholm!

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