Crossing Switzerland, leaving from Ain (France)…

Ain - Vosges via Switzerland 2017 Gallery

We left the Ain, direction: Les Vosges, passing through Switzerland, Germany and Alsace by the Rhine … Here is the first part of the journey, from Volognat (Ain) to Kaiseraugst (a few kilometers from Basel):

For the first time Driss will pedal on his bike all along, alone on the secure cycle tracks and in “Follow Me” tandem with Bérengère on the busy roads. Matthias is lying on his trike which has already proved itself.

First observation: the Follow Me system is perfect in town, on roads sometimes very good when the rear bike carbide, but if Driss sits a bit on a coast, it quickly becomes very heavy! We are starting to think about the solution of a mixed tandem (Pino-like) ​​for the next few years.

But the pleasure of pedaling Driss is pleasant to see and it will not fail over the duration of the journey. It’s good for everyone to set off again in a more natural rhythm, in the open air and to share all this time together. Driss has matured and made friends almost everywhere he goes! Our longest distance was the day we passed the pass of the Haut Hauenstein, which was not planned like that … And Driss was exemplary and very proud of the distance and the pass passed! (63 km)

  • As usual when crossing a border towards the east or north, from the wheels on Swiss territory we discover a very complete, comfortable and well marked out cycling network, which for us French is always a great luxury.
  • Swiss life is VERY expensive … We knew of reputation and this is true: count on average 2 to 3 times the French price for everything that is food and 1.5 to 2 times the French price for accommodation (including campsites) … The Warmshowers network of which we are a part and therefore all the more appreciable, especially since there are many Swiss members! (even if this is not why it is used at the base: we can not describe enough the pleasure of meetings on the road!) Moreover the campsites have nothing special for the price …
  • We discover that there is also a network optimised for rollerskates in Switzerland, one of which crosses Switzerland from West to East! Next time without a doubt, this gives us ideas as we travel by skates too.
  • It is very beautiful !
  • In Estavayer-Le-Lac, a very seaside town on the shores of Lake Neufchatel, we discover a small campground on the farm, run by a couple of former farmers on the heights, away from the unbearable overcrowded known campsite.


Volognat – Bellegarde 36 km


Bellegarde – Valleiry 21 km


Valleiry – Satigny 22 km


Satigny – Crenée 32 km


Crenée – Morges 19 km


Morges – La Sarraz 31 km


La Sarraz – Estavayer-Le-Lac 49 km


Estavayer-Le-Lac – Erlach 38 km


Erlach – Sutz 28 km


Sutz – Solothurn 34 km


Solothurn – Kaiseraugst 63 km


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  1. Beau voyage et beaux souvenirs ! Et le petit bonhomme semble s’en être mis plein les mollets, être en bonne forme et heureux ! A bientôt et grosses bises à vous 3.

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