We must empty the poop box

Around the world 2014-2015 Gallery

Now that we are used with our new way of life, here’s one of the things that defines our steps:
Our vehicle has a poop box, a reservoir that fills faster or slower depending on the heat of each. So sometimes we have to forecast to empty it because even if we’re not always looking at the cleanliness, we still have some principles of hygiene. In order not to bother people who welcome us home we decide to spend time to time a night in a campsite.
This seems to us a wise choice, because if we can empty the poop box in these places it is also often an opportunity to discover the beautiful wild places, though public campgrounds are often located in national parks. We combine business with pleasure: after caring for the poop box we can make great walks and when we’re back we begin to refill the famous tank in preparation for subsequent stages. As friendly steps include sledging on the white sand dunes of New Mexico, waking up near the mountain and bikes rides a soft hair in the vineyards of Arizona (you have to taste) or the discovery of Bisbee, mining town in southern Arizona.
As we leave the poop box hermetically closed when we are hosted, it allows us to remain friends with lovely people like Nicole’s family in Tucson with whom we shared unique moments and we discovered a very nice city. We should also mention the family of Peggy in whom we have just arrived in Roswell, New Mexico, whose very warm and generous welcome shames the Parisians. We spend some good times before having any problem: it seems that here there could be aliens…
In hindsight we realized something by searching our places equipped: it’s not easy to find something to empty the poop box when you’re in the world asshole.

Tucson – Whetstone via Desert Museum


Whetstone – Bisbee via Elgin à vélo


Bisbee – Las Cruces


Las Cruces – Dog Canyon via White Sands National Monument


Dog Canyon – Roswell


8 thoughts on “We must empty the poop box

  1. Bérengère , il faut trouver des Tiags a tes cow boy. Les croc et les tongs c’est pas top 🙂
    encore des superbes photos qui nous font voyagé

  2. Coucou,

    Désolés de ne pas laisser plus de messages! Que ce soit la fin de l’Asie ou l’Amérique, vos photos sont super belles et on a l’impression que vous continuez a faire un super beau voyage! Driss a bien change et ressemble maintenant a un petit gars! Les photos americaines nous rappellent beaucoup de tres bons souvenirs! Par contre, on ne connaissait pas White sands Dunes et on trouve cela magnifique! Ici, nous n’avons ete que jusque dans nos Vosges, a Gerardmer pour changer mais les enfants ont adore! et en plus, on a du Munster de compet a la maison!!! avez-vous le celebre cheddar en plastique orange ? Au fait, Matthias a presque le meme chapeau de cow-boy que Jerome! Il l’avait aussi achete lors du “world fastest rodeo” de notre bled! les garçons vont vouloir le meme que Driss!!! Gros gros bisous a tous, Alice , Jerome et les enfants.

  3. Super toujours de belle balades et magnifique photos DRISS a changer c est un petit bonhomme biz a vs tous et n oublier pas de vider la boîte a

  4. Toujours aussi belles et nombreuses photos.
    Vous avez pas eu trop froid au Mexique.

    de gros bisous a vous quatre

    Ps: Didier tu devrait demander à Bérengère quelle te coupe un peu tes cheveux
    ta femme qui t’aimes

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