Winter wind

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A dehorning cattle storm fell over us today … Here people may say that we are only experiencing a good tropical depression, we know it’s a hurricane, nay: a typhoon we faced this afternoon. When it began to be too dangerous (bike swept off the road etc) we found a large truck driven by a couple who accepted us to come in the truck with our bikes for the last 6 miles before a decent hotel. It seems that this still lasts one day, so we’ll stay there, overlooking the sea (unleashed).
The morality of the day is that the Picardie and Dutch coastline are really really small players.
And the lesson is that after a while, to stop insisting: danger is funny a little but we have not finished the trip so we have to be secure.

The following has nothing to do but realizing that Berengere had lost his sunglasses for the second time this year, we have (just to laugh at once) listed everything we had sown path (often we do not know where: it’s really more fun). What are we kidding I swear. And we know that you are interested.
– 2 pairs of sunglasses (we just told you)
– MP3 player with all our music for 1 year
– A bra (there are still 2)
– A sweatshirt (there are still 0)
– 2 books of Driss which make music
– 3 lotto game cards of Driss. If you see them bring us the robin, the mole and the squirrel
– Bérengère’s Passport (Bérengère’s joke in the plane)
– Bike (stolen for it). The kind that costs an arm (the other arm remains -the left-)
– A pair of Marianne’s shoes. Stank so we did not complain (the pair of shoes, not Marianne)
– A cap
– A hotel room key
– A bike lock. See there are no connection with the above-mentioned bike stolen, we had others.
– A toothbrush (since Matthias stink in his mouth, unrelated with Marianne shoes)

– Bérengère’s passport (at the airport, what humor!)
– The hotel room key (sell Cambodian key quite new, because uselessness, please contact me by e-mail)
– MP3 player (who is mysteriously returned two months after tidy in his place)
That gives us plenty of hope for the rest of the list because as say the old adage: “When there is life, there is hope” Maybe Marianne’s shoes are in the back of the carrier… Who knows?

Ho Tram – Hàm Tân 51 km


Hàm Tân – Phan Thiết 67 km


Phan Thiết – Hàm Tiến 15 km


Hàm Tiến – Phan Rí Cửa 53 km


Phan Rí Cửa – Cà Ná 50 km (dont 6 km sur un camion)


6 thoughts on “Winter wind

  1. Pas banal votre affaire d’ouragan, de tempête ou de typhon …
    Heureusement que ce camion a croisé votre route ! Les vietnamiens sont tout de même des gens sympas ! De votre hôtel ça doit être chouette de voir la mer déchaînée …!
    Quant aux affaires perdues … ce sont quels livres qui font de la musique que Driss a perdus ? Pour les cartes du loto, si on les voit on les ramassera ! Prévenez-nous si vous les retrouvez au fond d’un sac …
    Sacrés baroudeurs !
    Bises à tous les 3.

  2. A ben voila de nouvelles photos ça fait du bien apres cette pose pas du tous volontaire 🙁
    on the road again again again
    noyeux joel….
    je suis pas sur que le papa noel passe par chez vous ?????

  3. Trop bons les fruits du dragon!!! et rafraichissant!
    photos très sympas, comme d’hab! Driss change, il grandit! Et les petits Vietnamiens ont l’air bien disciplinés à l’école! ça fait pas le même effet nos classes hihi!
    bisous à vous 3

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