Sound of Klaksound

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Ah! We miss the main road so much when we are on a very quiet road, especially when it rains and when we have to type a severe uphill 10 km and 10 km descent on wet roads …
Yes, the main axis we lack in these cases because what could be more comforting than a warm and nice big honking truck in the back when you are cycling?
In Vietnam they know how: Driving is essentially with horn, just to show that we are there. When you’re a big truck, it’s an art to know how to overpass a cyclist:

– Number one rule: never particularly slow down, whatever the obstacle. The cyclist might feel embarrassed to disrupt our speed.
– When you overpass a cyclist, it is fashionable to leave about 20 to 30 cm between the truck and the cyclist, so he feels supported.
– And the height of refinement: Read press his horn just the right time, ie at the instant the front of the truck is near the rider’s ears.
And then a warning truck, it’s not a shy little bell. It allows to tell him that you are there, you think of him and you send him a big kiss!

That’s what we missed during our ascent of ocean cloud pass (Hải Vân pass), since a large recent road was carved into the mountain for the trucks to have a more direct route.
From the bottom of our depression we still managed to look at the landscape, although nothing beats a good big road with its cars and large trucks!

Đà Nẵng – quelquepart 53 km


quelquepart – Huế 42 km


6 thoughts on “Sound of Klaksound

  1. Hué, a l’air d’être comme tous le monde le dit superbe….
    contrairement au temps qui lui a l’air bien pourri !!!
    encore une fois bonne anniversaire Mathias, avec un gâteau de 35ans de compétition.

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