Who are we?

Matthias, 34, is a passionated man: music, skating, sailing, radio … He made radio his job. After more than 10 years in Radio France, he left his sound engineer job for a family world tour with a project of  radio reports. He will search all year long children’s songs and made some travel chronicles by recording binaural sounds (method for rendering a 3D sound space with simple headphones).

Bérengère, 33, passionated too: bike, rollerblade, video … She chose the image as job. She worked for eight years as an editing and assistant video post-production technician. She has a video documentary project that will be filmed during this year.

Driss, 2 and an half, is a happy little boy who likes bike, singing while dancing and spinach with cream.


2014/2015 project:

We will leave in June 2014 cycling in family around the world for a year. We’ll meet the people with our child Driss from places where children play, live: a playground in Denmark, a school in Laos … It will be a gateway to the local community: family , children or single people to share a little time, sympathize, sing, discover …

We want to make the children’s song the thematic of our trip. Whether lullabies to sleep, to learn nursery rhymes or songs to dance around the world , it’s always great to sing with children. We wish to take our listeners in this discovery and this approach to get to know these anonymous singers.

You can listen to our audio binaural episodes: they try to share those meetings and those children songs.
A parisian school works this year with the songs we are recording…
Listen to pupils singing “Meister Jacob”, a danish song:

saw our articles by routes:

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