No!!! Aunty goes away!!!

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No, Aunty goes away!

This is the cry of Drissou in the morning into the campsite. Every morning when we reassemble our tents when pulling the last pick, Driss exclaimed joyfully: “Nooooooo the tent goes away!”
And with a little less joy we shouted the same phrase to say goodbye to Marianne called Tata and Uncle Antoine, now part of the family!
But it is perhaps also a farewell to the tent because we are honestly not sure of using it in these new Asian countries. Cheap guesthouses, so we will not go without a little comfort. And after 24 hours of stressful journey and 5-hour time difference, we needed comfort… Little flashback

Sunday morning wake up at 6:00 for what will be a loooooonnnngue day. Matthias took yesterday 2 boxes in bicycle shops, the goal is to reach the airport with bikes loaded, a loaded trailer too, and 2 boxes of 1.50m long …. we leave the apartment at 8:00, with loaded bikes and trailer loaded with a Driss and 2 boxes!
8:15 first pedal stroke towards Stockholm Central Station to take the direct train to the airport.
9:00 we are at the station and get everything in elevators! I love Sweden!
9:15 we are stopped by a Swedish guy who tells us he’s been through Europe by bicycle for 8 months, discussing ….
9:45 we are in the Arlanda Express train towards the airport and get everything in the train! I love Sweden!
10:15 we arrive at the airport four hours in advance to disassemble the bikes under the curious eyes of fifty Thai, members of an unknown team….
12:30 bikes are dismantled and packaged under the happy looks of the same fifty Thais.
12:35 hostess tells us that we must go to the office 77 to register our luggage.
12:37 another hostess informs us that for large packets must go to the office 89.
12:45 finally said no no, it’s back to the office 78 I love Swedish!
12:46 hostess asks us our ticket out of loatien territory. We explained that we do not have as we travel to Cambodia by bike. Here she tells us that we could take our plane only if they have proof that we will go out of the country, proof that we would be required to obtain a visa to Laos. We explained that we had two days before the Embassy of Laos and the agent (that would wake up from his nap) assured us that getting the Visa was only a formality and that we just need a photo ID and $ 30 / person. The hostess very annoyed for us tries to reach several officials but after 15 minutes says she can not do anything for us.
1:00 p.m. we decide to buy tickets Vientiane – Hanoi. The hostess relieved we recorded our luggage by telling us that it will not make us pay for extras! This is jackpot! I estimated our baggage fees 800 € (80 kg of material with bikes) !!! Thai Airways thank you!
2:00 p.m. we enter the plane under the satisfied fifty Thai looks.
2:30 p.m. we take off towards Bangkok.
7:00 (local time) we landed in Bangkok, tired, with 4 hours waiting before our second flight to Vientiane.
7:30 I realize that I forgot my passport in the plane. In panic I contact the information desk. The clerk not very friendly, spends several calls and asks me to wait.
7:45 the woman at the information desk, tells me an office where I have to go wait. I recrossed the entire airport to another lady who told me to wait.
8:00 that’s it, I have my passport!
9:00 to kill time we connect to the Internet, and Matthias received an email announcing that the Vientiane-Hanoi flight tickets could’nt be bought after a problem with the credit card … continued stress: no output tickets from Laos and Matthias has no more credit card …
9:05 breakfast payed with Matthias credit card seems to work perfectly. We wish for the Visa account upon our lucky stars …
11:00 Driss exhausted sleeps in my arms, and we embark on the last flight towards Vientiane.
2:00 p.m. We land in Vientiane, Driss still sleeping.
2:30 p.m. After giving a photo ID and $ 30 / person, the customs goes back to sleep and we can go get our bags, Visas in your pocket!
14:35 an airport staff helps us to carry all our luggage outside the airport. I love Lao!
15:45 Our bikes are reassembled under the curious eyes of a dozen Laotian, while Driss reassembles wheels of his little yellow car. All our bags are in perfect condition! First pedal stroke in Laos it’s great! 80% humidity (the monsoon is not completely gone), unknown smells, a new atmosphere, full of adventures to come!

To acclimatize we will stay several days in the capital, time for us to find maps, rest, getting a manicure … and we will bike to Cambodia!

12 thoughts on “No!!! Aunty goes away!!!

  1. et bah, on peut aussi appeler ca de la chatte dans mon jargon montreuillois.
    alors, attention comme je suis devenu FAN de Marie-France, je trouve ca inadmissible qu’il n y ai pas de photo de couché de soleil sur ce billet !
    bonne route a vous !

  2. Trop de la balle, en fait dans tous les pays on trouve des casses couilles qui invente des machin obligatoire sinon c’est pas possible. et dans tous les pays y a des gens sympas qui te donne un coup de main.
    maintenant il faut tomber sur les seconds et éviter comme la peste les premiers.
    plein de bises et profiter bien :p

  3. Cela fait plaisir de voir qu’il n’y a pas que nous pour simplifier les démarches…
    Voila, le 1er.tome se ferme sur tous ces beaux souvenrs. Vous allez vous sentir un peu seuls, sans les rollers de Marianne…
    Grand dépaysement, d’autres couleurs, d’autres odeurs, d’autres lumières, et d’autres gens avec les coutumes de leur culture. Je vous souhaite de très belles rencontres et belles découvertes. Mon petit Driss tu vas encore apprendre à dire autrement. Et puis il va falloir que tu apprennes des chansons laotiennes. Bref! je vous souhaite de bien vous détendre en visitant Vientiane, et de reprendre la route avec enthousiasme, en passant au travers de la mousson…
    Gros baisers et bonne route!

  4. Coucou vous trois

    Sympa les manucures , mais attention aux pédicures : on s’est fait “masser” les pieds à Ghang-zu (Canton) et bien ça fait super mal !
    Grosses bises on pense à vous.

    1. Ah ah!! Et bien dans le grand carton il y a un autre carton un peu plus petit… Et ces deux cartons nous ont servis à protéger les vélos démontés pour les mettre en soute… Dès l’arrivée à Vientiane et les vélos remontés on les a balancés parce qu’il faut pas déconner quand même!!!

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