A beautiful road, some hassles: this is traveling!

Around the world 2014-2015 Gallery

Because of a mountain and of the time available in Laos, we made some unfidelity to our bikes by 3 steps by bus, with all the fuss (bikes, trailer and panniers) on the roof: a poem.
Once that decision made that does not stop us of rushing into our bikes in order to fight the worst hilly road since we left four months ago…
Imagine a good mountain road 5 km climbing with laces and some 20% passages, dragging our trailer cast: a little happiness, a unique experiment.Return trip (thus falling, remain logical) was also a delight for our brake pads.
Matthias, after some thoughts pedaling, told a very just and appropriate “Should really be stupid!” once reached the top. That said, we are not still good to intern: we did this for a good reason. Route 8 around Ban Nahin is actually beautiful, a setting worthy of an Indiana Jones film (without German villains) and a viewpoint atop breathtaking.
Our bike tours between our 3 trips have also conducted us on a canoe, at a concert to celebrate the end of the Buddhist Carem which sound pressure defied all laws of physics …
In short we see beautiful corners almost as beautiful as the memorial at the Croix de Chavaux in Montreuil.
All these beautiful things allow us to take with a smile these small hassles that enrich life in travel such as:
– Discover being intolerant to anti-malaria Medoc
– Figure out how to extend his visa to lose a bit of time to get my new meds
– Lose the tiny MP3 player that was our discotheque for 1 year and collection of audio stories for Driss in his trailer
– Lose the device that Drissou was playing as a phone (which incidentally showed us how hot it was in his trailer -Useful under tropiques-)

Other than that as said before we come to the end of Buddhist Carem (end of rainy season) the next few days so we will live on the banks of the Mekong party Boun Suang Heua (festival of canoes) … We’ll tell you everything if you’re nice.

Paksan – Ban Nahin (Ban Khoun Kham) en bus 131 km


Ban Nahin (Ban Khoun Kham) – Thakhek en bus 150 km


Thakhek – Savannakhet en bus 128 km