August 31, 2016 posted by Matthias

The Doubs valley by Eurovelo 6

The Doubs valley by Eurovelo 6

Back on the roads, now on a trike for Matthias and cycling for Driss… Without any problem he sometimes cycles for 30 km, before sleeping a bit in his carrier.
We begin in Belfort to cross France from East to West.
We follow the Doubs valley for a week, testing a part of the Eurovélo 6 (a cycle road crossing all Europe).
Wonderful surroundings and Eurovelo 6 very easy to ride… it’s flat and well marked.
A bit too marked: we like adventure too! But it’s good to meet a lot of cyclotourists, we made friends with Michel!
It’s a good ride to be back on the road!
This part of the Eurovelo 6 can be skated with rollerskates: the ground is perfect and there isn’t any mountain.

Belfort – L’Isle sur le Doubs 50 km

L’Isle sur le Doubs – Baume les Dames 34 km

Baume les Dames – Besançon 36 km

Besançon – Osselle 31 km

Osselle – Dole 38 km

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    Je vous.suis de temps en temps vous arrivez quand a merlusse ? Bisous

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